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I'm at the "Buy sh*t Now, figure out where to put it Later" phase of my collecting. I just got so, so sick of passing over sh*t that I really "need" to have.

I have no room for anything. None. BUT, I can't live without it.

In this case, it definitely helped that my wife threatened to pummel me and leave me at Walmart if I didn't buy all six figures the second I saw them.

In two years when they're like $60+ each online I'll be glad I jumped when I did. Even if I have absolutely no room for them right now.

For almost 10+ years I pretty much stopped collecting because "I have no room", but I missed a lot of awesome stuff and I'm kicking myself hard now, boy.

I'm very sad that most of my coolest stuff is packed in storage, but ONE day we plan to have a really awesome display room. When that day comes, I'll be ready! I might be on Social Security by then, but I'll be the coolest geezer at the Fogey Farm.

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