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I bough them all and like them. Bit disappointed with their size: they scale a bit smaller than Hasbro's other figures like Marvel Legends and Power Rangers Lightning Colleciton and their new 6" G.I. Joes. They are like a head shorter so it's harder to fudge displaying them together.

Apart from size they are pretty cool. Decent likenesses (little on the cartoony side though), nice accessories, nice build-a-figure.

Oh and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them, they seem to be collecting on the pegs in most stores. So, good sales might be incoming.

It's a good start to their line, I don't want to sound down on it or anything. Just kinda disappointed that they are so easy to find while some other Hasbro figures, like their new G.I. Joes (particularly the Target exclusive assortment) are really hard to find.

The hope is that we will see them release more waves. I'd like to see more ghosts, the Ghostbusters II suits + supporting characters, and of course, figures based on the upcoming Ghostbusters Afterlife film.

Hard to believe that Ghostbusters Afterlife was supposed to come out July 10 2020... now we have to wait until next year. Sigh. I'm continually depressed not just at the state of the world right now, but how decimated the movie industry has been. I love going to movies in the summer, and there's been 0 movies this summer because of covid.
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