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Originally Posted by Zulithe View Post
I found those goonie figures to be particularly cool, never knew those existed
Another love of my childhood is the goonies. These were obviously the only ones produced. I wish they would have completed the whole cast

Originally Posted by raphfan84 View Post
...that Technodrome set up you got going on is the shiz!!! Never seen that done before mad props to you my man
Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
all i'll say is god damn sam! wow! love that Technodrome/Module display
Originally Posted by markberry View Post
love the display of everything especially that mutant module part did you make that?
Thanks Guys! Yes I made it a long time ago now. It was a pain and took forever but the end result worked out well

Originally Posted by MrPliggins View Post
The collection is looking better and better. One of the best setups I've cool that it's right down the street.
I'll have to have you stop by sometime

Originally Posted by papa_smurf73 View Post
I've probably asked this before, but where in Ohio are you located? I'm just past Kings Island; North of Cincinnati.
I'm in the Cleveland area. We are at opposite ends sounds like

Originally Posted by Shogun26 View Post
Where or when did you get the individual turtle posters that you have hanging on the closet doors. Those are neat and I've never seen them before.
I also made those myself... Didnt do the artwork though. Used the original art, scaled them, and had them printed.

And this is the newest cel in my collection! Not TMNT but another favorite from growing up

Do you have any Dinosaucers or a lead on where to get anything related to the show? PM Me Please!

Check out my collection!
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