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Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
I remember when Townsend Coleman voiced Krang in Cowabunga Shredhead and his take on the character was so forced. Ugh!
After James Avery bowed out with 'White Belt, Black Heart' Townsend took over for the remainder of the episodes of the season. I don't recall Townsend filling in that early. I will have to watch it during my treadmill jog.

Of Shredder's alternate voices the only one that truly works for me is Bill Martin in his seven Red Sky episodes. Perhaps its the more desperate Shredder and slightly matured tone that works in his favor.

Which episodes did Townsend fill in as Splinter? I remember Peter missed a couple of episodes because he was pretty sick and Townsend had to fill the role so Townsend took the bonus he got for the fill-in and wrote a check to Peter for what he would have gotten normally.
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