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A longtime forum lurker emerges...

Hello All! I've been hanging around these forums for quite a while, appreciating the thoughts from and news provided by Turtles fans old and new. I've been contemplating joining for a while to voice my opinions, but someone normally chimes in after a bit with something similar to what I'd have to say, so retreat back into anonymity didst I, where I can say words like 'didst' to myself.

But I'm here now, to share my butchery of language with everyone.

A pretty usual TMNT origin story: Fell into it in the Fred Wolf years as a kid, and maintained the obsession via the Archie comics, and whatever Mirage back issues I could stumble into (I was pretty unaware of standalone comic shops back then, and just bought what I found on spinner racks at the mall, or gas stations, etc.). I was always pretty upfront and proud about my Turtles fandom, though I wasn't cool enough to keep up with Mirage volume 2, or the Image series. Jump forward some decades, early 00s, when I became an active Wednesday comic shopper, I was lucky enough (in my eyes) to see volume 4 of the comic when it started up, and the 2003 animated series, and I've been an active collector / viewer since then, going back and filling in my collection with the stuff I missed.

I'm iffy on the quality of the current IDW series, and half-in / half-out on Rise, but I like watching the churn and evolution of the brand, especially now alongside the stuff this forum has helped me to find - fan projects like Origin and whatnot.

Long intro done. tl;dr: Hello!
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