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Originally Posted by Andrew NDB View Post
Conceptually not a bad idea. Though the actual character of Ch'rell was fairly nonsensical. He what, wants to rule the universe? Do evil things just for evil's sake? Dumb.
I share that sentiment, but for me the 4Kids show (not just limiting it to Ch'rel) had another big problem; it spun the Shredder as a concept into flat-out Mary-Sue territory. Worse even than Venus De Milo, I'd argue, because at least the damage she caused was fixed, but we're still living with what 4Kids Shredder inflicted. The problem wasn't just Alien Shredder; it was Karai Shredder, Demon Shredder, Cyber Shredder (Barf!) and they'd have probably kept adding more if the show kept going. Ch'rel was ultimately a Deus Ex machinca to make it so Shredder could keep coming back, and even when he was finally defeated, some other version of Shredder came in to take his place. A more Mirage-accurate cartoon with wide distribution should have been the perfect place to prove (or at least, try to prove) that a TMNT series can sustain itself without Shredder as the perpetual Big Bad, and they failed to do so, which means by extension, probably every new incarnation to come after, short of a highly unlikely one that tries to be even more Mirage-accurate, will remain haunted by that failure.

Shell; that's already looking to be provable in the current cartoon. Now in its fifth and supposedly final season, we initially thought we were getting a new, more menacing villain in Carvaxas, and what does he do as one of his first orders of business? Plots to revive Shredder. He'll probably succeed. When he does, Shredder will probably resume control. Everyone up-to-and-including aliens and demons bow to the pandering mandate of keeping Shredder the central conceptual figure of conflict in TMNT shows. Perhaps you can lay this originally at the feet of the Fred Wolf show, but if Laird and his allies had just elected to halt that trend along with many others when they had the chance, this wouldn't be a problem. They didn't, though, so it is.
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