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Originally Posted by Konchadunga View Post
I think it's Eastman's particular circumstances that earn him a lot of the criticism he gets. Usually when people talk about the advantages of being an optimist, they're talking about scenarios where the cards people are dealt are largely beyond their control, and their only choice is between making the best of them or resenting them. Chances are that these are, in fact, Eastman's circumstances nowadays, but when he not only acts like he's in high positions of authority but other people in high positions of authority act like he is, inevitably people are going to conclude that he's just a gratuitous yes-man. That is, gratuitous on the assumption he has any real influence. If he doesn't, well, he should at least stop pretending, but if he does, then it's perfectly reasonable to wish he had more of an apparent vision for his series.
I think the point the user you were responding to was making is that you can't go through life being cynical about everything. Sure I agree there's room for improvement but every iteration of the Turtles has something interesting to recommend it.
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