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Originally Posted by drag0nfeathers View Post
As opposed to being "cautiously optimistic" I'm gonna go ahead and say I'm "cautiously pessimistic". I actually really loved the 2012 series and echo a few of the others in agreement that the way Nick handled the airing of Season 5 has left me feeling a little bitter towards the network. I think 2012 had a lot of life left in it and I know it's been said that Ciro didn't really envision much past Season 5, I still think if Nick had any brains what so ever in their scheduling that we could have easily gotten a few more seasons before shelving the series for a new, more "kid friendly" reincarnation.

I tend to find most kids are plastered to Facebook and devices now then watching TV and the cartoons that thrive are the ones that appeal to an older audience while still catering to children - i.e. - Adventure Time, Rick and Morty, Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, etc. Even the new Ducktales has a lot of promise, but if they go in the Teen Titans Go / TMNT Team Up direction I'm afraid I'll find it to be completely unwatchable.

I will reserve judgment until I see it for myself though... Still want my TMNT 2012 back tho... I'm not gonna get it... *pout*
Speaking for myself I would drop any of those as fast as I would a Teen Titans GO wannabe.
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