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Why I think they should do (and they never will), Is a movie series set in the 80's/90's where the TMNT's origin is told in a flashback in the beginning, with narration of Splinter telling the origin, accompanied by showing six Japanese woodcuts: the first is the turtles fighting shredder on a rooftop from the original film, a second with them duking it out with tokka and rahzar in a nightclub, the third with them in Samurai armor holding the time scepter, the fourth shows them fighting Yatol's stone generals in front of a giant portal, the fifth depict the turtles battling chrome dome/robo-shredder on a big truck sliding down a snowy mountain, and a sixth woodcut with the team fighting krang, bebop and rocksteady in the middle of the assembling technodrome. A way of saying. 'Hey, a greatly different version of this stuff happened in our universe, but a lot of it didn't happen the same way, and didn't suck. So instead of insulting your intelligence and retelling the same story you've seen and heard in other media a dozen times over the past thirty years, we're acknowledging the past, and moving ahead with our own story.' In other words, a movie that loosely acknowledges the events of all six films, not ignoring the fact of the reboot and how terrible it could get, and move ahead with something new.
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If they make a TMNT reboot movie retelling the shredder battle/origin, I won't buy a ticket.

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