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Third edition was a literal game-changer in that it introduced paladins of ANY alignment (so long as it matches their diety's alighnment- paladins without a specific deity could be LG CE or LN.) Then 3.5 upped the ante with paladin variants based on race, clerical ability(paladins are considered divine spellcasters) and feat or ability exchanges. So technically yes, one COULD have a NG paladin. As compared to OD&D or AD&D(2nd edition) where paladins were strictly LG, and HUMAN.

Speaking of tanking classes, a fighter can be used in any number of ways depending on what feats and weapons you choose. For example, one could model a fighter after Captain America and focus on shield feats like shield bashing, throwing, and charging. Or use two swords like Leonardo and be a sword master. Or bows of any sort with feats like point blank shot, multi-shot, long shot, etc. One can go light or heavy armor, depending on dexterity and strength. One can even use finesse weapons like fencing sabers or be a dagger thrower or dual axes, flails, or focus on polearms. Fighters are incredibly versitile. A fighter with the right build can handle pretty much anything. There are even feats that allow one to use ANYTHING as a weapon, or to throw random objects(even other people if they are big/strong enough) as weapons. In other words, barroom and street brawlers.

Barbarians have the rage ability which increases HP, strength and damage inflicted. There are even spellcasting variants (prestige classes) one can use where the rage causes spells to do more damage and gives certain other bonuses. Or barbarian skalds whose warrior songs both inspire their allies and strengthen them all while raging in battle. Barbarians are pretty good as shock troops and intimidators. And a barbarian flying off his mount at the enemy can instill fear and cause massive damage- Mr D. likes to play a dwarf barbar with spiked armor who is fond of doing that.
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