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Originally Posted by raph27 View Post
Early word of mouth isn't great about Lion King. It will be interesting to watch the box office numbers and see if it turns out more like Aladdin or Dumbo in terms of tickets sold. I keep forgetting as well that Maleficent's sequel is set for this year, which means we're basically seeing 4 live-action (don't get snarky with me about Lion King) remakes in the span of one year, a big jump over releasing one every year or so that used to be the pattern.

Personally, I don't have a huge problem with these remakes themselves. I just see them as reimaginings, similar to how so many video games are getting HD remasters this generation. The original is still there, but these

a) bring it back into the spotlight to rope in new fans that have never experienced the story before, especially kids, and

b) play on nostalgia from people that loved the original to begin with and would be interested in a reinterpretation.

But the big thing I've noticed this year, which parallels the increase in remakes released, is internet buzz about them, mostly negative. I think Beauty and the Beast was the first to really push it for some, and now with so many in a quicker timeframe it has become more of a talking point, and this is where I take issue. For these remakes and some of Disney's other recent stuff (MCU, some of Star Wars, etc.) where a lot of criticism has been laid that they "don't take risks/aren't original enough" the irony shows through when each little thing with these movies becomes some massive issue with thousands of tweets and articles and whatnot. A lot of them are saying the same comments over and over about how Disney has no originality in making these, while their arguments are exactly that, repeated over and over.

So I do somewhat agree with a boycott of these movies, not personally but in principle. I'm tired of all the same discussions and snippy comments about "no creativity" thrown around every time there's a development on one of these movies. Let the box office judge, because that's really the only deciding factor in how many of these continue to be made.
The problem is that some of today's filmgoers lack respect for their elder cinema (1990s and above) and should learn to respect/appreciate cinema when it was creative. In 20 years the remakes (even with creepy CGI) will not be considered classics and will be generally forgotten and the originals remembered better.

Well, the kids who see it might think that way.

Please parents show your kids the originals at least. Sorry Disney your not gonna get me with your nostalgia manipulation strings on these remakes, if i want to experience the wonder and magic of Aladdin, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast etc. i'll just watch the original animated movies on blu, i don't need to pay to see watered down weak live action version of them that don't have the same grandeour and wonder as sometimes you can't strike lightning in a bottle twice.

We just want new things like me for Disney as i support WDSA and Pixar as they do creative things which are better than these halfassed lazy remakes.

This is such a great video. It absolutely nails it. And it savagely smacks Disney where it hurts.

I am not going to give Disney a single cent this year except Toy Story 4 which earned my money and saw it again on Lion King's opening day out to prove i'm tired of these lazy remakes.. I haven't once this entire year. No ticket for Dumbo. No ticket for Aladdin and no ticket for Lion King. and no ticket for Star Wars episode 9.

I am putting my money where my mouth is. If more people did the same Disney might actually stop making these lazy live action remakes. But mark my words, the returns WILL diminish eventually once they bomb and will make Disney look at the bottomline and be like "oh wow i guess they are tired of this" and will cancel other remakes and do new projects.
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