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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post
Apparently Ian Flynn's come out and revealed he was planning on making Sally bi sexual and embark on a romance with Nicole.
Kind of. This all started on his podcast "the BumbleKast" where when replying to a fan question if Sally and Nicole were a couple, he basically just said that he wouldn't be opposed to it.

Latter after the books cancellation someone on twitter asked one again if Sally and Nicole were a couple and he tweeted "Aleah & I were amazed we got away with it being so blatant."

And I honestly don't see it. Not that I would be against that sort of thing, but even with this page from the amazing Spark of Life story, to me it just looks like they're good friends. Which would make sense because in this canon Nicole, back when she was an emotionless computer, was her only friend prior to the formation of the Freedom Fighters. To me I can't help but feel Ian just threw that out there to make the fans happy since it's unlikely we will ever get to see these characters ever again.

But Ian is one of the few writers in all of Sonic's history that not only understood the characters, a rare feat on it's own, but respect for Sonic's entire history. So who am I to say what his intentions really were.

In other news, IDW allegedly confirmed that Ian Flynn is on their "radar" but they can't confirm anything officially yet.

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