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Speaking of the art, there was a tumblr a few years back that posted a bunch of the worst of the Dark Ages of Archie Sonic.

Even stuff from the early years - which I obviously haven't read in a long time - kind of throws me, because I don't remember it looking that bad.

Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
From what I've seen, things started going downhill (artistically and narrative) around the Sonic Adventure arc and didn't rebound until sometime around issue #260 when Tracy Yardley came on board and Penders departed the creative team.
I've long thought the Archie Sonic universe should have wrapped and rebooted a bit after Endgame for that reason. I know Ken Penders took over completely past that point, so that didn't help, and the games started having actual stories and characterization that didn't work with anything SatAM and Archie had done. The thing I remember best about the Adventure adaptation is how they had to struggle to reconcile what they'd already set up with what the actual franchise as a whole was doing, so you've got Not-Morgan Freeman leading them to a secret "overlander" city somewhere - I think I remember it being underground or in a mountain - with environmental controls and a painted sky.

I dropped off between Adventure and Adventure 2, so I missed the worst of it.
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