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Looking For RP Partners For TMNT 2003

I am having trouble finding RP Partners For TMNT 2003. I have a lot of ideas, stuff that can last for a long time! I don't mind more then one person messaging me either! Here's what I'm looking for!

The more characters you can play, the better! I hope to find someone who can do all 4 of the turtles. If you want to do a separate thread where I play a turtle for you though, I wouldn't mind! I would owe you one for accepting such a big offer after all!

I do paragraph RP's. I don't really like doing one or two liners most of the time, even though I used to on this forum a lot. My replies will be at least one paragraph. Not too long, but a more detailed style of RP!

Not a rule but just letting you know to be fair. I want to do OC x Canon and my RP's contain darker more adult themes. If that's stuff your iffy about, I'd stear clear.

I don't do smut/sex RP's unless you are also 18+.

That's it! If you're interested reply to the thread!
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