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Originally Posted by VaughnMichael View Post
These are by far my favorites you've done so far.
Thanks man! Iíve done simple straight repaints of 4 Genghis before, but this time decided to go all out.

Originally Posted by I Crave Pizza No More View Post
Would have LOVED to have these as a kid. They look amazing.
Thanks dude! Guess Playmates probably thought they wouldnít sell since they already had 4 turtles.

Originally Posted by VaughnMichael View Post
I did a set as a kid, I used to make customs before it even was a thing.
Same here, seeing all the unpainted details on figures like Rat King, General Traag etc is what got me into customizing. Painting Bebopís sneakers, turtle skeletons, knee brace and earring was probably one of my first customs.

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