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Someone has told me there will be a Kevin Eastman 30th Anniversary cover Ex. Being made available. Similar to the Capital City Con and Alamo Con editions, id imagine it will have an artist proof, color edition, and limited run (500-1000). Where and when at the Con it will be sold - don't know but you can probably expect it'll be there.

Wish I could go this year but I'm not willing to shell out the ridic prices for after market and they sold out so quick this time.
Thanks, yea i hear ya. the ticketing system this year with that crappy queue was awful! I was purchasing 3 day passes, but since the system was being so screwy only got Saturday tickets.. compared to all the nightmare stories I heard though, I consider myself lucky to get the Saturday passes.

If what we have listed here is all that is going to be available at NYCC, I will probably look to get something sketched from Dooney and Talbot.. at the very least have Dooney sign my copy of Challenges.
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