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Better late than never - here's a gimpse of my NYCC haul this year.

Starting with my routine half-page headsketches. I've crossed most of the big Mirage guys and IDW regulars off the list already, so this year was some of the more obscure IDWers, and some artists just well known for their turtle fanart.

Marcelo Ferreira's Nick Raph & Bryan Turner's Lego Raph

Jerry Gaylord's Mikey & Derek Fridolf's Ninja Turtle

Jon Sommariva's Leo & Valerio Schiti's Don

And got a handful of prints as well:

reprint of the Mirage #1 cover for $4 on the show floor!! (probably printed w/out permission)

TMNT print by Gaylord. I also got an awesome X-Men print in his style. He had one for just about every animated 90s team you could imagine.

ukiyo-e style mini-print by artist whose name I forgot. there were so many selling turtle prints this year!

top: free Nick print (in TMNT #10 style!) signed by Ciro & cast!
bottom: TMNT Little Miss Sunshine parody by Marco D'Alfonso (m7781) - this guy had an amazing selection of hilarious prints, check out more at his website:!2014/c17mj

more prints by D'Alfonso, an homage to Fantastic Four & a hilarious Ghost parody I couldn't help but include even though not TMNT related.

Finally, didn't get to do much digging thru back issue bins this year, but scored a Mirage TMNT#2 3rd printing (with the awesome Richard Corben wraparound cover), and an ancient Donatello Martial Arts Training Manual for just $2 each!

Another successful NYCC and another empty wallet!
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