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Yeah, I love the fact that the two main villains of the franchise, Shredder and Krang, are now dead. It really raises the stakes when you have main villains killed off like that.

Granted Shredder is probably going to be revived and brought back to life in some form, its already been foreshadowed, and every TMNT universe does a, "Shredder is back" or a "Shredder is revived/brought back to life" story, but it'll probably end again in a big climax around issue 100 or a little after.

I actually wish they'd kill off some other villains too for that matter. Wouldn't mind seeing Leo finish off Koya because she's going insane as well, or as I said before Slash possibly dying, etc. I was mixed on Hun still being around but if he's going to patch up things with his son and become an ally like Baxter is currently then I'm fine with him sticking around too.
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