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Given all of the hate for Leo's second mutation, I wonder if it wouldn't have been better for them to go with a more creepier second mutation more akin to Rahzar's over what was actually done with Leo. A hulking, partially skeletal Turtle with a spikey shell and rows of pointed teeth covering himself in rags, while still having the blue bandanna that tells you it's Leo.

That's what I assumed second mutations kind of did to you, because even the Super Shredder sort of looked skeletal, at least on his face. It looks weird having a Turtle's second mutation be reminiscent of a crappy Goomba from that Mario movie.

For what I think was the worst mutant design? A toss up between Spider Bytes and the Fish-Eagle-Worm thing, with April Derp being a close contender. Spider Bytes looks plainly goofy, he looks too much like a second rate Pokémon.

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