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I didn't see much of Dogpound (probably because I haven't watched all of the episodes), but he went from being bulky to looking like an animated dog cadaver, and I had to get used to the new form. The same also applies with Bebop & Rocksteady, and Slash.

I liked Snakeweed; I just wished that more character development went into him.

Spiderbytes.. I could do without that guy. He should have just stayed human and a crotchety old fart.

Why Tokka was so damn gigantic.. I might not ever understand that one.

I could maybe grow to like Dregg's re-design.

The character concept that maybe could have used a little more tinkering with (for the sake of distinguishing the two separated colonies), would be the Utroms / The Kraang. Except for Sub-Prime and Kraang Prime, all of the aliens looked the same in appearance.
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