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Originally Posted by Vicky82 View Post
Maybe someone shot at it alien or human, an Asteroid hit it or it braking up on it's own.

So with the moon damaged that means it could cause problem to earth, like longer days, short nights, problems to the oceans ect.
Very good point, I hadn't thought about that. It definitely would have an impact on Earth.

Maybe the Triceratons (or any alien race) returned with a superweapon to blow up the Earth, and the turtles were able to redirect the weapon at the moon as a last desperate resort. The turtles were able to save the world, but the conflict and destruction of the moon would leave its scars on the Earth forever.

But as you said, it could have been a natural disaster as well. If something hit the moon and destroyed it, some of the debris would have been pulled toward Earth, colliding with it.

The sky in the pictures look very strange as well, it looks so alien. I hope they'll show or give us a hint of what happened in the future.

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