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And Toei's Tokusatsu world has officially begun. NOt without some set backs. We do have some region blocked shows. Blocked in the States seems to be Super Sentai and all Metal Heroes that was adapted + Juspion.

Blocked Shows
Battle Fever J (Sentai)
Voltes V
Combattler V
Juspion (Discotek Blu-ray)
Shaider (VR Troopers)
Goranger (Sentai)
JAKQ (Sentai)
Moonlight Mask
Metalder (VR Troopers)
Spielvan (VR Troopers)
B-Fighter (Beetleborgs)
B-Fighter Kabuto (Beetleborgs)
Nanairo Kamen

and weirdly enough, only Rider available is Shin.

Also. Hilarious note. Toei's videos are getting copyright claimed by their own bots.

And Toei's account was terminated by Toei.

And it's back up

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