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Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
That's kinda ********, they just gave the show a different art style and toned down the so called comedy, nothing important changed.
I call BS on that. New villains with different motives? Different motives for the TMNT? A different universe created means different storytelling? I mean I know you have some hatred of the FW series but you don't really do yourself any favours when you say that type of stuff.

Originally Posted by neatoman View Post
I'm not trying to rewrite history, I watched those episodes like half a year ago. It's just the same show trying to be edgier from before in a very superficial way, that's all the Red Sky episodes are.
If the Red Sky era succeeds in being as edgy as Season 1 then it was a success. Looking at your posts I really doubt you have watched the 80s cartoon at all. If you did it comes across like you watched it with your eyes open but you hands over your ears.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Like David Wise.
I said in another post that David feels very attached to the show, he was the main guy behind it for nine years. Considering how the network treated him I give him a brake when it comes to being a revisionist. If he comes across as territorial and rude regarding his work I put the blame on Harlan Ellison.

Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
Here's the comparison about ridiculous with Fred Wolf and Mirage on a foundational level;

Fred Wolf -A goofy rhino and warthog, and alien brain-like creature,violent masked vigilante Casey hones, all kinds of weird and wacky aliens, comedic time travel, a mutant gator named leatherhead, and guest star usagi yojimbo.

Mirage-A female lead who's a goofy sketch brought to life, violent masked vigilante Casey Jones, a race of alien brain like creatures, all kinds of weird and wacky aliens, comedic time travel, a mutant gator named leatherhead, and guest star Usagi Yojimbo

So as you can see, the OT concepts on paper aren't just goofy because of presentation in a terrible 30-year old comedy-based cartoon, but Fred Wolf is totally ridiculous when it's core concepts are put side by side with the much more serious Mirage comics....


...wait a minute...
What I find really funny about this is the FW haters inability to get all this. I mean if you're a real fan this should all be kind of obvious right?
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