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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I said in another post that David feels very attached to the show, he was the main guy behind it for nine years.
Not judging him for that (it's very understandable) but...

Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
Considering how the network treated him I give him a brake when it comes to being a revisionist.
You can. I don't.

Anyway, Season 1's storyline has some Mirage parallels. There's a fight with a street gang, Baxter and the Mousers, the Turtles save April, and they tell her their origin story, the Foot becomes an "Army of crime" under Shredder, Splinter goes missing and the Turtles break into a high-tech alien facility to rescue him, April's apartment gets destroyed.

You can kinda see how Mirage at the time (filtered through the limitations of 80s kids shows) can get reshaped into that.
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