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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
As for Batman Incorporated, yes and no. I cheated and read the final issue. Around the 1st of October. It was not bad just lost its edge not allowing Dick Grayson to be Batman. Its the Dick/Damien dynamic that works for that or any of their titles. He does not mesh with Bruce even if he is the Superboy clone equivalent to Superman (who works better himself with Supergirl).
hey that's something at least.
there were a few really nice moments you missed. Damian is upset because his Father puts him in lock-down in the cave, so Alfred brings him home a feral kitten.

you can blame the DC Editorial for their forced New52 into Grant's final act.
there was also a change in the tone of Batman Inc from pre-flashpoint to new52 as well.
if i had to guess, i'd imagine this was what drove Grant away from DC monthly titles, and into more creative owned properties.

i'm not sure how true this is? but according to this article Grant wanted to do a lot more stories with Dick a Damian as Batman and Robin.
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