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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
Batgirl vs Riddler from the animated run, Batman & Robin Adventures 21 (of 25).

That is the only time the two characters interacted. I recommend it!

Being two of my four favorite Gothamites it is worth the anticipation.

I bought the current Nightwing volume #15-20. I have yet to get to it,but have it on my waiting to read list. It looked like echoes of the Morrison run.

I have read through issue 8 of Secret War at the moment. Its an interesting read and a good look at the wider Marvel line at that time. I stick almost exclusive to Spider-Man in that company so its a bit of a different read.
i tried reading Nightwing 15-20 and found it pretty horrid.
a bastardization of a brilliant run.

i might have that Batman Adventures in my Comixology?
been trying to get all the digital trades as they come out.
if i do i'll eventually give it a looksee.

the last Marvel i ever bought was ther renumbered Amazing Spiderman, Avenging Spiderman and Savage Wolverine. think i lasted about 6 or 7 issues of each before dropping them.
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