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Art Duel!

Well, I think the Fan Works section is a bit too quiet, despite the fact there is a new movie out and about. I think we need some action around here. Something fun. And new. So, instead of creating a new "Artjitsu" thread, I thought I would Art Duel!

The rules are simple.

1) Use whatever media you like (traditional, digital, etc) to respond to the person's work before you. And yes, you can use things such as Paint BBS and

2) Keep it TMNT related. Doesn't matter what universe

3) Since I know the new movie is going to pop up at some point, try not to spoil anything. I know I won't be seeing it for another week or so, while other people can't see it for two months, so please try and think of them while you are creating your works. The same goes for the Lost Season.

4) Probably the easiest of the lot - Have fun!


I'll start the ball with...

(Made on, and subconsciously inspired by Mask's "TMNT in Theaters" )

"So. The whole lot of you against little old me? How retarded."
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