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Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
I know good things do come to an end. I know realistically the current ongoing canít go for 800 issues. Even if we hope it does. I do think we will always have a TMNT comic. Itís just when does the change happen and what will it look like? It will be very interesting to see what happens after #100.
it feels like whatever they were planning for issue 100 should have already happened by now.

the story has been just dragging it's feet to get to the milestone issue, and sacrificing good storytelling in the process.

i really don't like admitting these things, but i have to be honest.
a friend of mine keeps asking me why i keep spending money on a comic i'm not enjoying.
the truth is i WANT to enjoy it, but it's really not giving me much to enjoy.
my reply to the question was that i'm just a hopeless optimist. hoping to feel that spark once more.
but like all things in things in life ... things change ... eventually they end.
they keep going the way they've been, i'm not so sure i'd care to see what happens past 100.
i'd rather see things get wrapped up on a high note than stagger into the dust.
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