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Originally Posted by Buslady View Post
So now I want to know....

How the Master steal more lives? The last we saw him he was a blob and was supposedly destroyed. It'd been awhile since I've seen the 1996 tvm so i forget how he was destroyed.

The Master was drawn into the Eye of Harmony within the TARDIS, a theory is that when Rose opened the heart of the TARDIS, she released The Master and he hid at the end of the universe, keeping the most of his personality dormant in the fob watch until The Doctor arrived to remind him, that's why traces of his personality, and the drums, remain, he did'nt store all of it so he could force his human self to open the watch when fully prompted by everything that happened

Another idea is that The Master was "spat out" when he gave the TARDIS indigestion, but when it did so, it stored his memories in the watch and dumped him as a new born child at the Silver Devastation, giving him a second chance to relive his life free of his past deeds
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