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Originally Posted by cartoonistaaron View Post
There are a dozen fan artists who would have given them better artwork than that... for free.

I'm not buying this because I have no interest in it. But the box art certainly isn't helping.

It frustrates me when companies do this, because it wouldn't cost them any more money to get a competently produced piece of art. There are fans who are also pros who could give them an on-model, beautifully-rendered digital painting for nothing more than what they paid for this. They must be using some in-house employee or a friend of an executive or something.
I think some of us fan artists need to start making spoofs of Lionsgate crap-art. There could be some really fun possibilities.

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Still using mediocre artists who barely know their way around photoshop, I see...
Heh, I haven't ever even tried to use photoshop so I guess they've got a leg up on me. I do like the color shading on the turtles' skins though.

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