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A Few TMNT Things... look inside!!

Hey guys and gals, been awhile, but I'm here to clean out a few things.

First up are the ThreeZero TMNT. These are practically brand new. I've only had them on display since the day I bought them, and I love them, I just want to purchase other things... like Mike, Don and Raph NECA 1/6 Turtles.

I'm fully honest with my listings. I try to let people know everything that I find wrong, or I consider an issue. If you have ANY questions, you can always ask!

I'm a moderator and long time dealer on RangerBoard and sold a ton on eBay with complete positive feedback.

I ask that you do respect my pricing. I will NOT SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. USA ONLY!

None of the figures have any cracking, peeling or deteriorating rubber.

ThreeZero Leonardo 1/4: $250 SHIPPED

Leo is in perfect condition. Like with these figures there are some minor issues with one ball and socket on one foot. It stays fine and doesn't hamper poses or stability. Just want someone to be mindful of it.

ThreeZero Michelangelo 1/4: $250 SHIPPED

No issues found on Mikey.

ThreeZero Raphael 1/4: $250 SHIPPED

Raph has a similar issue as Leo. Plus his ankle/calf covering hinders it a bit... but I've had him standing just fine.

ThreeZero Donatello 1/4: $250 SHIPPED

Donatello's iPad's are in his pouches on his belt, not in the clamshell.

I'm happy to give a discount on multiple purchases.

SDCC 2017 Set: Sealed - SOLD VIA EBAY.

That's all for now!! Thanks for looking!!

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