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Oh my god, why? I thought we were done! This raises so many questions.

You wanna make another TMNT movie? Fine! But why go with the producers again? Nobody liked the first two and the second didn't even break even, why entrust the same producers a third time? Is this a Fant4stic scenario or some crap? Do they have to make a TMNT movie every 5 years or something? That's the only way I can make sense of this, that or some kind of tax write-off.

The only good(?) news is that the hired a brand new script writer. While he really only has one movie under his belt, at lest it seemed somewhat well received (I guess I'll check it out once I know for whter or not this movie gets made. The weird thing is that he's making Space Jam 2. What's with this guy and writing sequels nobpdy asked for? Anyway, he can't be much worse than the previous writers.

Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec were awful at writing TMNT, the former wrote one single movie before TMNT and the other was basically only involved with television before. Evan Daugherty wasn't much better, though I suspect he or Jonathan Liebesman might have been the reason the first one didn't suck quite as hard. He's not good but Jonathan Liebesman is at least far more experienced than Dave Green, so that might just be it. Not that I want either back in the director's chair.

In terms of writer and director... I don't know... There might not be many critically acclaimed directors who'd want to make TMNT movies, but there's gotta be someone with a track record of OK movies, right? Like a Ron Howard. And maybe you need an experienced screen writer as well (though the previous ones barely qualified) but if they insisted on multiple writers before, why not bring someone familiar with the material. Bring in Tom Waltz or Paul Allor or someone, I have no idea how they're as screen writers but at least then I'd be confident the characters wouldn't annoy me as much.
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