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I have added quite a bit to my collection since my last update in November and I will get around to posting those updates eventually. What I wanted to update right now was my Comic Haul over the last 2 weeks. A huge part of my collection was lacking - the comics. I had many Adventures from growing up and in 2001 I went after volume 4 (not even all of them) but that was about it.

Now having decided to finally go after the comics I couldnt help myself....

These are NOT all from one source - I hunted around and a big thank you to Archon and Klunk for the pieces I obtained from you. The picture above does not include duplicates or my Adventures - these are all just what I obtained in the last 2 weeks.

It includes:
Volume 1:
1-62 (1-4 are various printings and 5-62 are first)

Volume 2:
Issue 1

Volume 3:

Volume 4:

Tales V2:
1-69 (missing 39, 41, 70)

Turtle Soup
Turtle Soup 1-4
Maltese Turtle
Haunted Pizza
Leonardo Micro
Donatello Micro
Michelangelo Micro
Leonardo Blind Side 1, 3, 4
Raphael Bad Moon 1, 3
Flaming Carrot 1 & 2
Full Color Issue 1 (2009)
Movie Adaptation (2007)

Quite a haul overall and I didnt stop there - I ordered lots of random missing items from MirageLicensing and I expect it'll be here in a few weeks. Included in that lot will be:

Volume 2:

Tales V2:
2, 7, 25, 51

Leonardo Blindside 2
Raphael 2 & 4
Michelangelo Third Kind 2-4
Donatello Brain Theif 2-4
Fugitoid/Gizmo 1 & 2
Green-Grey Sponge-Suit Sushi Turtles
Casey Jones & Raphael
Casey Jones 1 & 2

Do you have any Dinosaucers or a lead on where to get anything related to the show? PM Me Please!

Check out my collection!
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