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Wouldn't feel the need to change anything but...

Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
It'd be great to have a remastered 4K/Blu-ray release with an original and director's cut version.
This I wouldn't mind.

Originally Posted by sgtfbomb View Post
The only example I can think of that was actually pretty good was Blade Runner: The Final Cut, where it was used in moderation to make a few minor changes, like changing the sky in one scene and replacing a stunt double's face. The success of that cut wasn't the new F/X, but the improved pacing and restoration in general.
I really don't like the Final Cut. I don't like the colour grading and the end credits music is messed up. Director's Cut all the way.

Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
Funny enough, Warner Archives just announced the three-hour cut of Superman!
It's the 80s TV edit although maybe slightly longer. I have a copy of that, just downloaded it from a Superman fansite that they put together.

Originally Posted by d_osborn View Post
The 'Burbs had a FANTASTIC release by a UK distributor a few years ago, which included a workprint sourced from a VHS tape.
Yep, rented Arrow's release out from LoveFilm. Not missing much, the theatrical cut is better in terms of pacing and what happens, the ending is better.
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