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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
And thanks. Don't forget FCBD and that TMNT #75 is double sized! Haven't pulled it all off yet. Honestly, I would have had us do a lot less this year, feels like too much, but perhaps i'm biased. I'll just say that this year has not been pleasant in terms of work load. :howell: Anyway, the reason for the extra material is an odd mix of notable opportunities and milestones combined with business needs. 2018 should (I hope!) be much more low key, so don't get too spoiled with the amount of TMNT comics.
Man, really sorry to hear that. I've worked in 3 very different industries (never comics, obviously), and the one constant negative I've found is management's lack of attention to employee burnout. Never ends up paying in the long run.

Hope stuff chills out for you soon. Sorry for financially supporting your gnarly workload lol.
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