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Originally Posted by Bobby Curnow View Post
I see so many people give up because they can't get their first, or second project greenlit. When the reality is: almost everyone who is a professional in the industry is around for a good 5-10 years, honing their craft, making and completing new projects, day in and out, before anything substantial comes of it.

Make it for yourself, make it the best it can possibly be. Then share it around and prepare to be heart broke. Then do the entire process again, learning from your mistakes. And again. And again. The only people who should do this are people who HAVE to do it, for themselves, first and foremost. They're the only people who will have the determination to get where they want to go.

All that being said, good luck!

oh i'm used to heart break i'm the guy who does tv and intro recreations that barely get 200 hits in 10 years , while some other guy who copied me has his work go viral over night. go figure .

I'm basically spending my own money, $100 a page for at least 24 pages, to slowly, get a complete issue done. If I have to, i'll do a limited publication myself to see what people other than friends and family think. i might be able to afford one or two more issues. it's not so much money, as the time my wonderful artist has to work on a freelance project.

but the art is well worth the wait. I have a full 'season' of 24 issues planned out if it ever got lucky enough to b e picked up. with 4 other, less evolved ideas also waiting to b e tried.

all a matter of hoping one hits.
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