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Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
oh i'm used to heart break i'm the guy who does tv and intro recreations that barely get 200 hits in 10 years , while some other guy who copied me has his work go viral over night. go figure .

I'm basically spending my own money, $100 a page for at least 24 pages, to slowly, get a complete issue done. If I have to, i'll do a limited publication myself to see what people other than friends and family think. i might be able to afford one or two more issues. it's not so much money, as the time my wonderful artist has to work on a freelance project.

but the art is well worth the wait. I have a full 'season' of 24 issues planned out if it ever got lucky enough to b e picked up. with 4 other, less evolved ideas also waiting to b e tried.

all a matter of hoping one hits.
That's the thing to do!
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