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This here is a weird "custom", even by my generous standards.

First off, here are some shots of the vintage Scratch figure for anyone for whom the character is unfamiliar (he was after my time):

I found a cat skull in the Snake River Canyon a couple years ago, and on occasion I will utilize it as a background prop in a toy photo.

More recently, I got to studying it and decided it's roughly to scale with NECA's quarter-scale Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and my awesome niece Kristen was kind enough to sew a wee prison hat for him.

I tried adding his black mask, but setting aside my ineptitude with scissors, the mask simply obscured the skull too much.

I also scored a miniature Etch-a-Sketch at a yard sale this morning. It doesn't work, but for twenty-five cents, I'm not complaining.

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