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Movie Mullings

Big update on the upcoming CGI TMNT movie, Kevin Munroe, who is quite experienced in about all the aspects of animated film has been signed as the new writer/director! Munroe has worked all over the place from Disney, Nickelodeon, Dark Horse, Kids WB and Cartoon Network. The new movie is currently in the pre-production stages and is scheduled for a 2007 release. Some more details.

Neil (also known as Shredder or Vegita-san) of Ninja Turtles Network recently did an interesting phone interview with James Avery, the original voice actor for the Shredder on the old TMNT show, so be sure to check that out.

The official site has added a new preview for the upcoming Tales of TMNT #9.

Also, fans are now making an effort to move the TMNT back into a later time slot on Cartoon Network after having been bumped down to the inconvenient 2:30 timeslot; straight from Dan "the man" Berger:

We're doing what we can to convince Cartoon Network to move the TMNT show back to a later time slot. It may be beneficial for you to contact Cartoon Network and let them know that you want to see the show airing at a later time:

Cartoon Network
Attn: Programming Department
1050 Techwood Dr.
Atlanta, GA
That be all for now.

[Thanks to Bob Olson for the heads up!]
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