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Random Punk
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interview with new tmnt director!

Gamerz-Edge has posted a brand new, pipin' hot interview with writer/director of the upcoming TMNT movie, Kevin Munroe! He speaks to a lot of the fan concerns from the story, moodiness and CGI. Very interesting.

Also, the entire Playmates toyline is to have a featured shop in Times Square for the entire month of April. Plus, on April 29th there will be a whole day of turtle related festivities, check out the lineup on the official site.

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[edit: quote wasn't showing up for some reason, so phillytmnt will just be the news reporter for today -NT]

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Mecha Cow
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Pretty interesting and definately news to me; thanks for the heads up.
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the action, the humor, the characters, acknowledging the stories that have been told already

Looks like Ninja Turtles IV's script has'nt been forgotten, they'll probably base it around The Shredder's demise and who will take control of The Foot
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Old 04-09-2005, 10:38 AM   #4
Stone Warrior
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After reading that interview, I feel a little bit better about this movie now. I can understand where they're coming from with the lip-syncing, and a few other things, but I don't see why they just can't CG a lot of the fighting in the first place. The Matrix did it... Matter of fact, the second developed a whole new kind of CG to do their fighting scenes. TMNT could do this too. Plus, the head attire could be blue so they could CG the head for the lip syncing. I dunno... I'm just kinda depressed that this isn't going to be live.

Munroe being a fan, though, really does put my mind at ease about the story line. (Insert Vanilla Ice Joke Here... You know you wanna... ) That was great. I'm glad they're going to follow the first to a T and then only CERTAIN parts of the 2nd. I'm completely glad they threw out the 3rd all together.

Now that I know the direction this film is going, I'm more excited and I can't wait for it to come out... here's to 2007!

Courtesy of LUCKFF
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Old 04-09-2005, 02:38 PM   #5
Like, stupid rich.
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Ya i got pretty depressed pretty quick when i hard it was CGI, and worse, it was the same company that made that Donner TV Special garbage.

But after reading that interview, im a little more relaxed now.

Although now im a little sad knowing that Shredder probably wont be the villain, Ah well...if he makes some kind of Miraculous recovery, i'll be fine. Perhaps this is the way hes revealed as an Utrom?

But that wouldnt make sense since we seen him bleed a few times in the first film.

AAaaaaanyways, i'm feelin better. Im outtie

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