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Specialty Series 80's Leatherhead Pop

You’ll only be able to find these Specialty Series
exclusives in boutique retail, specialty stores, local comic book shops and
from qualified online retailers

out in October

I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.
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I put my orders in for these. I will have 5 for sale.
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Originally Posted by Coro View Post
I put my orders in for these. I will have 5 for sale.
What price?
I list items on ebay frequently:
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Same question-- how much?
Originally Posted by IndigoErth View Post
I can hear it now: "I'm sorry little April, I told you that if you didn't take good care of them I'd be taking them away. Now they are going to the lab to be abused for experimentation" (You could almost rewrite this as April caused the fire to get back at her father over it...)
Originally Posted by TheCanadiandrome View Post
Powder I'd not defend him, that's just how he gets

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$18 on BBTS.
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I want Funko to make some 80's series 3.75" figures like they did for Batman.

Semi-related note, did they ever do Pops for anything outside of this series?
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Thanks for the heads up. This is a pretty cool pop. Put my preorder in! 👍🏻
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