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IDW Transformers is pretty great.
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HUGE Transformers fan here. The original cartoon is certainly one way to go. I don't know that it's necessarily the best though. Beast Wars/Machines is one my favorite cartoons ever created, but I wouldn't recommend watching it before the original cartoon. You'll get a lot more enjoyment out of the Beast era is you've seen the original cartoon first. There's a lot of Transformers fans that loved the Animated series, I never really got into it though. I did love the Prime series. My recommendation would be to watch the three part premiere of the original series, the three part premiere of Animated, and the five part premiere of Prime, and decide which one looks the most interesting to you.
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Cartoons I recommend

-Generation One
-Headmasters [specicifcally the dub: ''Fortress Maximus has come himself'']
-Beast Wars
-Transformers Animated


-Anything by Simon Furman really
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megatron, optimus prime, transformers, transformers prime

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