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View Poll Results: Would you ever get cosmetic-plastic surgery?
Yes 1 6.67%
No 11 73.33%
Maybe 3 20.00%
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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Thats the thing though- even purely cosmetic surgery is intended to "fix" a problem area. Even if it is just a nose job. If someone feels they have something "wrong" like nose too big, it can seriously hurt their self esteem. And then some people have "cosmetic" surgery to fix things like facial burns, or other surface imperfections that cause problems in their lives. Heck even breast implants or reductions can be neccessary for some people.
I agree with that alright. I'm just not a fan of plastic surgery that isn't necessary.
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I think I may already have.
I spent three years in braces in my mid-20s, and have a tattoo.

There's a slight chance I might have some sort of rhinoplasty in the near future, and breast reduction might be on the table as well...depending.
Originally Posted by Spike Spiegel View Post
So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
Originally Posted by Vegita-San View Post
just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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