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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
The problem is finding that balance. The 2003 series was totally serious but unfortunately by design that makes it harder to veer into comedy without it feeling forced. From what I've seen of the 2003 series I never found the comedy that funny because it felt forced. The series was always better at what it did best which was being serious. A really good Turtles show can do both sometimes in the same episode.
Archie also did that well. But I don't recall much of the humor right now (still have the comics), just Michaelangelo joking about those with "Smells Like Teen Spirit" when Kathmandu talks about the Nirvana concept of Buddhism.
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I know it's been a long while, but the discussion in the following thread below has made me want to revive the topic at hand, at least the last two pages:

I'm going to quote myself on the thread, and expand upon my thoughts:

Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
You know, I'd really like an animated/live-action series that can do two things:

First, embrace a down-to-Earth tone akin to Mirage. Go into the wackier adventures (ex: time travel) minimally to none at all. Keep it grounded, but also incorporate more to the sci-fi genre with the Utrom. Krang/Ch'rell also, if you would want to use either as a villain.

Second, this is more of my own greed, but do story telling like Spectacular Spider-Man. Each episode could contribute to their own overarching narrative. For example, season 1 could contend with the criminal activity that the Turtles end up getting caught in. This could build towards the first appearance of the Foot Clan. Of course, that's just an example as it all depends on what the creative team is aiming for.

Honestly, you don't need the likes of Bebop, Rocksteady, Krang (depending on the person), Slash, or any mutant that debuted in Fred Wolf. It might lead towards an audience, but you don't need them to tell great stories.

Create new characters as we've seen from different incarnations. Null, Bishop, Bonesteel, Baxter, Hun, Karai (at first), the works can work as villains along with the Foot. You can also make new villains we've never seen; if you must use mutants, Hob, Leatherhead, maybe Slash if handled properly, or a new character could work.

There's plenty of material. If only it could be taken advantage of.
Now that I got that out of the way, here's how I'd book a TMNT series.

First up, as mentioned, I'd have the series be more grounded akin to Mirage and recent shows such as Daredevil. However, I'd also incorporate elements of sci-fi involving the Utroms and a little bit of fantasy. I'll get into the latter later, but I'd like for TMNT to have a little for everyone from action to drama and so on. Additionally, have the seasons build an overarching narrative(s) depending on what's being tackled. I figure at least five seasons between 20 to 26 episodes a season should be a good balance of episodes.

Secondly, the characters to use. Personally speaking, I have no problem with mutants, they're needed to sell toys and may have a greater purchase rate than a human figure. However, I wouldn't use too many as to keep the mutant amount relatively small.

Mutants I'd personally use aside from Leatherhead are Old Hob, Rat King, and possibly Groundchuck and Dirtbag (deserve some limelight). Additionally, I would use a few alien incarnations, perhaps as soldiers for Krang if he were to be used. They'd include Slash, Scale Tail, and the Dark Turtles. If contending with mysticism, using Dragon Lord and Vam Mi (depending on rights) would be a plus as well as the Patheneon. Lastly, the likes of Silver, Bishop, Null, Hun, and Simon Bonesteel for possible threats in addition to reoccurring villains in the Foot, Baxter, Rat King, and Triceratons.

One major thing I should note is to give the rogues gallery more variety, as shown above. Besides using the above examples, it could also be beneficial to introduce some new characters that impact the franchise's lore. For example, maybe a biological son of Shredder (Pikimo instead maybe). The point being is like Next Mutation is to create a new roster of villains and possibly allies while also reintroducing some characters never before done/missing, as seen in IDW and Nick. Not withstanding the common adversaries (Shredder, Baxter, etc.), it allows a vast variety of all the departments, but I wouldn't go overboard in one category.

Lastly, for the time being, is utilizing a little of everything. I mentioned an overarching narrative, with Spectacular Spider-Man being my main source as each episode used a villain for an episode and building the world. For example, the first three villains of the series were Vulture, Electro, and Lizard in a biology named arc. It built towards the Lizard with getting used to Dr. Connors while also gearing up future stories, such as Eddie Brock's descent beginning in the Lizard episode.

I'll use the Foot as my example here. Say they were being introduced at the end of season 1. I'd say start with small time events like Old Hob and Leatherhead, but provide clues on the Foot's prominence. It can continuously lead into their first appearance. Same can be said about Krang or even Vam Mi depending on the season.

These elements, alongside a coming of age story (maybe adapt parts of older stories), is how I'd book a TMNT series. It's very much a work in progress, but a foundation I have for the time being. If there's more to add, I'll be sure to post in the future.
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I'm happy you're doing this. Here's mine:

You know the story of how the turtles got mutated and Splinter rescues them in an old coffee can and gets mutated too.

As for Hamato Yoshi & Oroku Saki, I see them going into an Obi-Wan & Anakin/Vader route. Yoshi & Saki were orphaned kids until found by the Ancient One.

Yoshi & Saki are then joining the Guardians with Mortu, Bishop, Queen, Rook & Pawn. Yoshi was skilled. But Saki wanted more power and jealous when Yoshi got the attention from Tang Shen.

Saki then joins the Foot clan, led by Ch'rell (formerly Knight) and his fellow scientist Krang who is the original Shredder back in the Sengoku period. He takes Saki under his wing so that he may pass on his title to him.

Yoshi fought Saki while Mortu fought Ch'rell.

Yoshi & Shen left for New York for a new life. Until Saki & Krang followed them so that Krang can steal Utrom information and for Saki to get his revenge as the Shredder.

April gets rescued by the Turtles.

The turtles fight Shredder in their first battle. Krang rescues him to patch him up and offers him four skilled mutant ninjas to combat the turtles and serve him. Bebop & Rocksteady can come in later. Hun joins Shredder as human.
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Originally Posted by Powder View Post
I wanna see Andy Suriano's vision for the TMNT. He did all that character concept art that got rejected. It's weird as hell & could make for a very interesting change of pace. Examples:

Talk about wish fulfillment.
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I don't know if it's my ideal turtles show but this is probably pretty close.

Originally Posted by FredWolfLeonardo View Post
The only one's I'm not a fan of are possibly Fast Forward and Back to the Sewers seasons and of course, the Next Mutation.
Cheesy-ness and Venus aside, I'd actually would like another attempt at a NM-styled show. It didn't try to be the FW show.
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I'd like to cast another vote for a pretty faithful IDW adaptation.

Pick a consistent art style, something relatively realistic and not caractureish like so many shows on TV nowadays. Maybe something nearly as detailed as Santolouco's but streamlined as necessary for animation.

Use the opportunity to fix some of the rare instances of weird, clunky dialogue (the character's speech in IDW is usually pretty good, consistent with their character's personality and whatnot, but occasionally they'll use a word or make a reference that seems really dated or out-of-character)
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I suppose my ideal TMNT show would be something along the lines of the IDW comic. Pick and choose all the good stuff from all the incarnation. A nice action cartoon with a healthy dose of humor.

I guess I would go with a 2D cartoon, and I'd probably go with something close to Ben Bates' turtles when it comes to the visual style of the cartoon.

Foot... Join me!!

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That's literally all I want
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Originally Posted by dawwe View Post
I suppose my ideal TMNT show would be something along the lines of the IDW comic. Pick and choose all the good stuff from all the incarnation. A nice action cartoon with a healthy dose of humor.

I guess I would go with a 2D cartoon, and I'd probably go with something close to Ben Bates' turtles when it comes to the visual style of the cartoon.
Considering how he's already involved with the animation industry, I could totally see that happen.
Originally Posted by JTH View Post
Turtles is basically the red-headed stepchild of Nick.
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Give us a new series with 2003 vibe. But after all the wild mutations from 2012, it's too much.


Shredder's Mutant Elite Guard
- Koya, Shredder pet falcon
- Rahzar (reincarnated as a hyena)
- Chameleon, skilled in stealth using camouflage
- Skunk, skilled in deception using its foul smell
- Spider, uses spider-webs for traps

Later the four can get an upgraded mutation. Wolf (rahzar), Poison Dart Frog (chameleon), wolverine (skunk) & Scorpion (spider).

Bebop & Rocksteady could come in later.
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I'm not sure what I would consider to be the ideal TMNT show. The FW and 4kids shows were pretty quintessential for me. I guess beyond that I would have loved to see the KidsWB series, had that ever come to fruition in the late 90's but alas...that was not the case..
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Ideal is hard to nail down.

However, honestly IDW comic one is ideal.

What i'd like to see is maybe the robot turtles. LOL batman beyond style.
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