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Endless Screw
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I see you're living up to your name with that tiger claw there.
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Team Blue Boy
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Originally Posted by MsMarvelDuckie View Post
Bunch of the teens at work have them too. Its nuts. Reminds me of the Tamagachi fad back when I was a teen.
At least the Tamagachi was cool. If this is the stuff that passes for fads these days... lol

But then again, with kids now stuck in such a high tech world, maybe low tech fads are what is needed. Sad that the Tamagachi probably wouldn't even impress all that much now, not even an updated version, since there are no doubt app games that can prob do all that and more.
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I Married a Duck!
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Well there was always the Furby! Remember those? We had two. One of them developed a dirty mouth....
"You IDIOTS! You've captured their STUNT doubles!" -from "Spaceballs"

"Where Science ends, magic begins." -Spiral, Uncanny X-Men #491

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