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Splinter the boss
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Originally Posted by raph27 View Post
why does Aqualad have black hair now? Wasn't he always blond before?
I don't think that's Aqualad
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One of Young Justice's few flaws is the screentime division between characters. They introduced too many new characters in Season 2, and seemingly more new ones now, that they have to phase out most of the older characters.

We saw it happen to Zatanna and Kid Flash in Season 2, along with Nightwing being stuck in the background as the leader and not do much fighting anymore. Wonder Girl barely did anything and didn't get any real focus episode, and Tim Drake and Batgirl were just there.

Now in Season 3 I suspect they're phasing out more old characters like Aqualad and Me'gan, for the new cast. A bit of a shame but what can you do. Greg Weisman has never been good at handling a large cast.
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young cucktice

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