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Voice over director Andrea Romano retires this week

Andrea Romano, voiceover and casting director behind dozens of projects including DC Universe Original Movies, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Animaniacs, and the original DuckTales, will retire this week.

Romano's work spans more than three decades of voiceover and animation casting direction, including having personally directed more than 10,000 voice sessions. Though Romano said in a statement she planned to continue working for another two to three years, she has decided to wrap up her current projects over the last few weeks following her diagnosis of optic neuropathy in one eye, which has caused blindness in that eye.

"I shall miss so many aspects of this industry – particularly the people I’ve worked alongside, and all the fun that happens on both side of the glass. From the bottom of my heart, I extend my sincere gratitude to every actor, producer, director, engineer and colleague that has helped make this run so incredible," Romano said in a statement.

DuckTales signaled Romano's debut as a voiceover director, and Romano's portfolio since then has grown to include over 40 TV shows — her work has spanned more than 1,600 episodes of TV — over 50 films, and 20 video games. Her most recent work includes Voltron: Legendary Defender, which will premiere its third season on Netflix in August, as well as Nickelodeon's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Among that work is casting and voice direction for 23 DCUO movies, including Justice League: Gods and Monsters, Batman vs. Robin, and Batman: Assault on Arkham. She has also lent her voice to 18 of those films and to many of the series she has worked on throughout the years, including The Legend of Korra and Teen Titans. Her work has earned Romano 35 Emmy nominations and eight Emmy wins, as well as the Friz Award for Excellence awarded in 2016 at the International Family Film Festival.

"Doing this job, working with all these wonderful people, has been my ultimate blessing. I couldn’t have hoped to spend the past three decades with a better group. I’ve truly been the luckiest person on Earth," Romano said.

Despite retiring from her central role as a voice acting director, Romano plans to remain active in the entertainment industry.

Much Respect to Andrea she voice casted my childhood basically

I respect what FW cartoon did for the turtles franchise but it is the most overrated and hard to watch of the 3 turtles cartoons.
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Dang it, that's one bucket list item never to be fulfilled.
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So your wants and needs as a fan should outweigh everyone else's?
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There's no sense catering just to one demographic which is idiotic.
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just ignore what you don't like rather than obsessing over it and move on with your life.
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A New Day, A New Headache
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Her résumé and celebrated career speak for themselves. She has a very good disposition for deducing how characters can best sound and feel for any situation.
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IDW took the OT straw and spun it into gold, while Platinum Dunes took the OT straw and spun it into manure.
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Y'all need Jesus
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Cool, I guess.
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She cast the entire Nick TMNT cartoon too, never thought she would work on TMNT.
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Old 07-31-2017, 04:55 PM   #6
Rest. In. Peace.
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Nothing but respect for Andrea Romano. She's definitely earned a well-deserved rest.

Thank you for giving many of us great cartoons and animated movies, Andrea.
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Optimus Primer
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Dang. It was a pleasure to meet her, and good I met her before this. In my eyes, she's the best VO director ever.
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Old 07-31-2017, 06:55 PM   #8
Salami Origami
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She's a legend, hope she enjoys the time off! Well deserved for all the joy & quality she facilitated.
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Space Cowboy
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She's definitely earned it. I hope she enjoys her retirement.
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What a great career!

When I first saw the title of this thread, i was afraid it was another obituary. Glad it's not the case! Wish her long years of health and happiness!

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Mad Scientist
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Thank you so much, Andrea. I am truly grateful to all of the work you've done on the cartoons I grew up watching as well as those I am currently viewing.
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Old 08-01-2017, 03:53 AM   #12
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Had the pleasure of meeting Andrea a couple of times (at SDCC) and she's always been a delight to chat to. Managed to have her sign one of my Disney Afternoon DVDs to boot
Lie with passion and be forever damned...
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Best wishes to Andrea Romano. She is definitely a legend and has done great work. Hope she enjoys her retirement.
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