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Do Podcasts Count as Fan Works? BooyakaShow!

Excuse the shameless self promotion (or don't), but I have a Ninja Turtles podcast called "BooyakaShow! A TMNT Podcast" and I'd love to share it with a bunch of Turtles fans. Can't think of a better place than here, right? BooyakaShow! is a podcast that focuses on episode recaps/reviews of the current Nick show, but I'm working on expanding it to cover all things Turtles. I'm only a handful of episodes deep, but I'm back on track and trying to move forward and grow.

You can find the podcast here : BooyakaShow!


You can find it anywhere you listen to podcasts, such as : iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Android, etc. Just search "booyakashow" and you should be golden.

There's also a Facebook page where you can keep track of things, but I'm more up to speed on Instagram. To keep track of that follow me at : @zosotmnt. That's my profile where I post all things TMNT and BooyakaShow!

And of course, I couldn't plug my own podcast without giving a shout out to the great Turtles podcasts that have come before me. Check these out :

Turtle Power Podcast
Turtle Power Pod
Turtle Soup
Turtle Flakes (A personal favorite)
Ninja Turtle Power Hour

If I missed anyone, add 'em to the thread.

So yeah, I'd been gone for a while, but the pod is back in action. Check out BooyakaShow! (and all the other great pods above) and let me know what you guys and girls think! Thanks!

- Zach

P.S. Mods, if this is in the wrong place or if this type of post isn't allowed - my apologies.
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