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Like, stupid rich.
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I bought an X-Box 360 when Mass Effect came out; the reviews painted it to be the game I always wanted. Couldn't wait to play it. So I bought it and the system when ME was first released.

...Couple years later, I see a poster for Mass Effect 2. Whoa, time flies. I still hadn't even played ME 1! I bought ME:2, and put it on the shelf.

...Couple more years later, I see Mass Effect 3 behind the glass at EB Games. I buy it and go home. That night, I turn on my X-Box and... I had to build a damn profile first. The damn thing sat on my shelf for years before I had even turned it on!

So yeah, my 360 was a regret.

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PlayStation 3.
All games that I wanted to have on this system eventually has been released on PC. Played it literally for several weeks and then returned to PC, because, I have become accustomed to its benefits.

Well, at least joy-pad ended up being useful for PC games.
Now with 150% more poison!
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