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Laser 1 20.00%
A little of both 2 40.00%
Who cares 1 20.00%
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Old 08-21-2017, 10:43 PM   #1
Mad Scientist
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Which do you prefer in Sci Fi, Kinetic Weapons or Laser Weapons

Do you like the idea of a weapon that can fire a chunk of metal or do you prefer the idea of shooting light to vaporize enemies. Me personally I like the idea of a weapon where you can change its function through ammunition and I love the idea of magnetic weapons.
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Old 08-21-2017, 10:57 PM   #2
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I haven't given it much thought.
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Old 08-22-2017, 08:59 AM   #3
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Depends on the sci-fi. The Expanse? Star Trek? Lost Fleet? Battlestar Galactica? Doctor Who? Star Wars? Mass Effect?

Kinetic or energy depends on the scifi setting. There are more than one.
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I Married a Duck!
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Give me a sonic disruptor. Why vaporize your enemies when you can vibrate them into a puddle of goo? LOL!
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